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About the Tour

Are you a Yuppie? Then, this Yuppie Tour is one among the top Backpacking Tour India. Experience one of the best Backpacking Tour in Kerala. TreeMonks Yuppie Tour is specially designed for millennial or youth, who want to explore places in Kerala. Explore both offbeat and much-celebrated tourist places in Kerala while you are backpacking in Kerala. Fort Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Varkala, Munroe Islands, Kumarakom, Kanyakumari, etc. are the major stops in Backpacking Tour India at Kerala.

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best avenue for budget travel in Kerala. Yuppies work hard to earn enough and then travel within their budgets to enjoy life!  This is the idea that TreeMonks focus on - to provide the millennial travellers with a wide variety of travel options that excite a Yuppie's heart! These trendy Backpacking Tour in Kerala focus on blending the various colours of travel together to produce an everlasting memory. While not missing out the best experience, TreeMonks Yuppie Tour with Backpacking in Kerala is also among the cheapest Kerala tour packages. Stay in best backpacking hostels in Kerala, travel in public transportation and prefer not to do unnecessary shopping - this plan gives you enough room to have a wonderful experience of backpacking in Kerala. TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India provides about two weeks backpacking in Kerala covering Munnar, Varkala, Alleppey, etc. which are a paradise for Backpackers! 

Explore the essence of Kerala with TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India. Yuppie Tour is a fine feature of adventure, local experiences and cultural interactions. Backpacking in Kerala lets you experience much exciting bus travel in Kerala, which is cheap yet engaging! Cheap travel expenses let you explore more of Kerala Tourism. Experiential Backpacking Hostels in Kerala and homestays makes you feel home during the tour. TreeMonks provide options for storyteller accompanied tours and heritage walks and hands-on experiences at each of the destinations in Backpacking Tour in Kerala. Explore avenues of Tents and Camps while backpacking Munnar. Solo Female Backpacking Travellers, Millennial Travellers and Budget Travellers have the option of getting free travel tips and advice from TreeMonks travel team. Get in touch with us for the details. 

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best form of cultural tourism. Backpackers can experience unique stories about culture, heritage, traditions and what not about the places visited, activities experienced and memories made. TreeMonks provides a wide range of curated activities and storytelling experiences like Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk Tour, Munnar Tea Plantation Experience, Tents and Camps, Sunrise Trekking and Hiking, Backwater Experiences, Village Walks, etc. 

Backpacking Tour India Packages is best suited for Millennial Travellers, Yuppie Bachelors, Yuppie Couples and Solo Female backpacking Tourists who love to travel and explore Kerala. This tour is designed completely in backpacking mode. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. For Enquiries and customization, contact TreeMonks Travel Team at marketing@treemonks.com.


Arrive at Kochi Airport

On arrival at Kochi Airport, head to Fort Kochi. AC Volvo and ordinary direct buses are available from Kochi Airport to Fort Kochi. There are cheap public transport options in this Backpacking Tour India for backpacking in Kerala. Stay in Hostel in Fort Kochi. Fort Kochi has some of the best backpacking hostels in Kerala. 

Fort Kochi Experience 

Explore the heritage and history of Fort Kochi. Walk around the heritage streets - Mattachnery, Jew Street, Fort Kochi beach, etc. 

Fort Kochi to Munnar

Travel from Fort Kochi to Munnar. AC Volvo Bus and Ordinary Bus are available. Stay in Tent Camp or Backpacking Munnar Hostel. 

Munnar Experience 

Experience Tea Plantation Walks, Jeep Safari, Tea Making Experience, etc. Visit Tea Museum, View-points, Eravikulam National Park, etc. 

Munnar to Thekkady

Travel from Munnar to Thekkady in a bus. Stay in a homestay or backpacker hostel in Thekkady. 

Thekkady Experience 

Experience spice plantation walks, bamboo rafting, jungle walk, etc. in Thekkady. 

Thekkady to Kumarakom

Travel from Thekkady to Kumarakom. Explore the backwaters of Kumarakom. Go for Kumarakom village walks. 

Kumarakom to Munroe Islands 

Reach Munroe Island by train. Get down either at Munroe or Kollam Railway Station. Explore the unique archipelago of Munroe. Visit the sinking island, go for a country boat cruise, etc. 

Munroe Islands to Varkala

Travel by Train or Bus to Varkala from Munroe Islands. Explore the beach life at Varkala. Stay in a Backpacker Hostel in Varkala.

Varkala Experience

Explore the streets of Varkala. Visit Sivagiri Mutt, Papanasam Beach, etc. Have some beach fun. 

Varkala to Kanyakumari

Travel from Varkala to Kanyakumari by Train. Stay in a homestay or backpacker hostel in Kanyakumari. Explore sunset at Kanyakumari. Visit Vivekananda rocks. 

Kanyakumari to Trivandrum International Airport

From Kanyakumari, travel to Trivandrum International Airport by bus or train for departure. Try to plan a departure from Trivandrum Airport rather than Kochi Airport for convenience. Tour Ends. 


Main Attractions

    • Yuppie Tour 
    • Backpacking in Kerala
    • Fort Kochi Heritage
    • Bus Travel in Kerala
    • Munnar Tea Trail
    • Kanyakumari
    • Backwater Stays
    • Varkala Cliff
    • Backpacking Tour India Package
    • Hotel Accommodation – 12 Days/ 11 Nights
    • 2 Nights Stay in Fort Cochin
    • 2 Nights Stay in Munnar
    • 2 Nights Stay in Thekkady 
    • 1 Night Stay in Kumarakom
    • 1 Night Stay in Munroe Islands
    • 2 Nights Stay in Varkala
    • 1 Night Stay in Kanyakumari
    • Backwater Stays in Kerala
    • Backpacking tour in Kerala
    • Backpacking hostel in Kerala
    • English Speaking Cab Drivers
    • English Speaking Storytellers
    • Backpacking in Kerala
    • All Entrance fees
    • TreeMonks Activities and Experiences
    • GST applicable as per Indian Government Rules.
    • Bus/ Flight/ Train Tickets
    • Lunch or additional Food (other than Breakfast/ Dinner)
    • Shopping Expenses/ Tipping
    • Other Personal Expenses
    • Travel Insurance
    • Any additional expenses incurred due to any flight delay or cancellation, weather conditions, political closures, technical faults etc. are not included in this Backpacking Tour India Package. 
    • Sun Glasses
    • Umbrellas
    • Medicines
    • Sunscreen Creams 
    • Cotton Outfits 
    • Travel Shoes
    • TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India focus on budget travel. For your Backpacking Tour in Kerala, TreeMonks will share the public transportation schedule and timing in Kerala to all mentioned places in the itinerary (AC Volvo or Super Fast passenger bus run by Kerala Government Transport - KSRTC).
    • In this backpacking Tour in Kerala, guests can choose from our list of Backpacking hostels in Kerala.
    • TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India suggests for more storytelling experiences and activities rather than usual sightseeing tours.
    • Smile to local people. Speak and interact with them.
    • Pack less pack - Don't pack your whole wardrobe!
    • Carry Cotton outfits, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc. and footwear that is appropriate to both the climate and the activities you have planned.
    • Major Hotels, Restaurants, and Shopping Centers honour Debit/ Credit Cards. Don’t carry too much cash. Banks are open for transaction from 10:00 AM to 15:30 PM IST on weekdays.
    • Kerala Food is medium spicy and it may take some time for your taste buds to get adjusted. Check with your resort/ chef/ waiter about the spices and other ingredients in the food you want to order.
    • If you want to drive a vehicle in Kerala and you are a foreign citizen, carry your international driving license. Backpacking Tour in Kerala usually focuses on Public Transport Services. 
    • Kerala is well known for law and order and is generally a peaceful state. However, don’t travel to remote areas in night hours. It is better to stay the night in a better hotel or resort and continue the journey in the early morning than travelling at night.
    • Always stick to the guidelines of the Storyteller/ TreeMonks Tour Coordinator while Backpacking in Kerala. 
    • Travellers Backpacking from Bangalore and other India cities are advised to book flights to Kochi Airport. The tickets come cheap if booked in advance. 

    The General Terms and conditions of TreeMonks are listed below:

    • Rates provided are per person rates
    • Stays listed in the Backpacking Tour India Package/ offered in the quotation to you is subjected to availability after the realization of your initial payment
    • The Accommodations included in Backpacking Tour India Package will be confirmed only after getting the initial payment from the guest.
    • If offered hotels are not available at that time, TreeMonks will book and give almost similar category hotels with prior consent from the guest.
    • Accommodations once booked can be changed only as per the cancellation policy of Backpacking hostel in Kerala. All such cancellation charges will be charged to the guest directly.
    • Normally, Cabs/ Tour Vehicles is operational from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. We never recommend night driving as per the safety concerns.
    • On emergency situations, we provide early/ late driving. This shall be decided by the TreeMonks Tour Coordinator.
    • Cancellation of all packages in Backpacking Tour India with the panel hotels (listed in our websites) is subjected to the cancellation policy of TreeMonks.


    Which is the Best time to visit Kerala?

    The period from late September to Early May is considered to be the tourist season in Kerala. However, the best time to visit falls between the months of October to April. This is the time of Festivals and Celebration in Kerala - with suitable climatic conditions during the summer. Theyyam and Poorams are held during this period. Backpacking Tour India fits to be planned during the tourist season.


    What is the Alcohol Availability in Kerala for tourists? 

    Bar facilities are available in almost all major towns and cities in Kerala. Some of the resorts and hotels also provide alcohol. Further, Kerala has Beverage Outlets known as the Kerala Bevco. Tourists can buy Alcohol from here. 


    Which are the top tourist places to visit in the first visit to Kerala?

    Kerala can be divided into three sections - North Kerala, Central Kerala and South Kerala. Each of these three regions has its own peculiarities. Kerala Tourist Places have an abundant natural beauty to be explore with Backpacking Tour India. Top Tourist Places in Kerala, for your first backpacking tour in Kerala, however, should be the following. Munnar Tea Gardens (while backpacking Munnar), Eravikulam National Park, Thekkady Spice Museum, Periyar Wildlife Reserve, Kerala Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey Backwaters (while backpacking Alleppey), Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Cochin Backwaters, Fort Kochi Heritage Streets, Mattancherry Dutch Palace, Fort Kochi Beach, etc. The above mentioned are covered in TreeMonks Best Kerala Tour Package. However, places like Shanghumugham, Varkala (while backpacking Varkala), Kovalam, Mararikulam, Kumarakom, Thottada, Calicut, Athirappally, Wayanad, etc. are also top tourist places of Kerala to visit. 


    How many days should I plan my Backpacking Tour India in Kerala for? 

    To explore a good section of Kerala as mentioned above, at least 7-10 days should be the minimum number of days to plan for an experiential Backpacking Tour India. However, tourists in Kerala also prefer short vacations and weekend getaways limited to only a particular destination - hill stations, backwaters or beaches of Kerala. 


    Is Kerala Houseboat Cruise safe? Is there availability of Private Houseboats? 

    Kerala Houseboats are absolutely safe to cruise on. Each houseboat is provided with a registration number after doing the security examinations by the Government of Kerala. Further, every houseboat is equipped with emergency facilities and safety equipment like Life Jackets. 

    Tourists can also book private houseboats with luxury air-conditioned rooms and decks. Different houseboat cruise plans are also available. However, for a budget Backpacking Tour India, always go for shared cruises. 


    What is the availability of Zoom Car Rental, Uber and Ola Taxis, etc in Kerala?

    Zoom Car Rental and similar car and bike rental facilities are available in all major cities of Kerala like Trivandrum, Kochi, Calicut, etc. 

    Top Cities of Kerala like Trivandrum, Calicut, Kochi, Thrissur, etc. also have Online Cab Facilities like Uber Taxi and Ola Cabs. While Backpacking in Kerala, always go for public transport for budget savings! They are cheap and comfortable. 


    Where to buy good spices in Kerala? 

    Kerala is an abode to extremely pure spices. However, there can also be fake and low-quality sales as well. Tourists arriving in Kerala can manage to buy the best quality spices from reliable markets in Kochi, Munnar, Wayanad or Thekkady. Even though private shops are available, it is better to rely on Government-owned spice boards outlets available in all major tourist places in Kerala

    What is the availability of foods without Coconut Oil?

    Almost all hotels and restaurants in Kerala make use of Coconut Oil as the Cooking oil. However, in top hotels and resorts, food made in alternative cooking oil like Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, etc. are available. Also, if you make a request before booking, hotels do make necessary arrangements to provide food prepared in alternative cooking oils. 


    Can I get Vegetarian Food in Kerala?

    Yes, though Kerala is known for non-vegetarian foods, it also has a wide range of healthy and delicious vegetarian cuisine. All hotels and restaurants serve vegetarian food, however, if you are travelling on your own, it is best to check with the local taxi drivers or resort staff for the nearby best vegetarian hotels. 


    Is Kerala safe to travel for solo female backpacking travellers?

    Yes, Kerala is ranked no.1 in the women safety index in India. Further, Kerala also has high law and order maintenance and is safe to travel for solo female backpacking. Many female tourists arrive backpacking from Bangalore and other major cities for Backpacking in Kerala. However, every tourist is advised to take necessary precautions and stick to the safety guidelines instructed by the Kerala Tourism Department to avoid mishappenings.  


    Does Backpacking India Tour Package include Child-friendly stays with activities/play area?

    Backpacking India Tour Packages by TreeMonks are budget packages. We offer only shared hostels and homestays during Backpacking in Kerala. For any queries or Tour Package Customization, kindly Get in Touch with us.