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Backpacking Tour in Kerala-Yuppie Tour

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Are you a Yuppie? Then, this Yuppie Tour is one among the top Backpacking Tour India. Experience one of the best Backpacking Tour in Kerala. TreeMonks Yuppie Tour is specially designed for millennial or youth, who want to explore places in Kerala. Explore both offbeat and much-celebrated tourist places in Kerala while you are backpacking in Kerala. Fort Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Varkala, Munroe Islands, Kumarakom, Kanyakumari, etc. are the major stops in Backpacking Tour India at Kerala.

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best avenue for budget travel in Kerala. Yuppies work hard to earn enough and then travel within their budgets to enjoy life!  This is the idea that TreeMonks focus on - to provide the millennial travellers with a wide variety of travel options that excite a Yuppie's heart! These trendy Backpacking Tour in Kerala focus on blending the various colours of travel together to produce an everlasting memory. While not missing out the best experience, TreeMonks Yuppie Tour with Backpacking in Kerala is also among the cheapest Kerala tour packages. Stay in best backpacking hostels in Kerala, travel in public transportation and prefer not to do unnecessary shopping - this plan gives you enough room to have a wonderful experience of backpacking in Kerala. TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India provides about two weeks backpacking in Kerala covering Munnar, Varkala, Alleppey, etc. which are a paradise for Backpackers! 

Explore the essence of Kerala with TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India. Yuppie Tour is a fine feature of adventure, local experiences and cultural interactions. Backpacking in Kerala lets you experience much exciting bus travel in Kerala, which is cheap yet engaging! Cheap travel expenses let you explore more of Kerala Tourism. Experiential Backpacking Hostels in Kerala and homestays makes you feel home during the tour. TreeMonks provide options for storyteller accompanied tours and heritage walks and hands-on experiences at each of the destinations in Backpacking Tour in Kerala. Explore avenues of Tents and Camps while backpacking Munnar. Solo Female Backpacking Travellers, Millennial Travellers and Budget Travellers have the option of getting free travel tips and advice from TreeMonks travel team. Get in touch with us for the details. 

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best form of cultural tourism. Backpackers can experience unique stories about culture, heritage, traditions and what not about the places visited, activities experienced and memories made. TreeMonks provides a wide range of curated activities and storytelling experiences like Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk Tour, Munnar Tea Plantation Experience, Tents and Camps, Sunrise Trekking and Hiking, Backwater Experiences, Village Walks, etc. 

Backpacking Tour India Packages is best suited for Millennial Travellers, Yuppie Bachelors, Yuppie Couples and Solo Female backpacking Tourists who love to travel and explore Kerala. This tour is designed completely in backpacking mode. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. For Enquiries and customization, contact TreeMonks Travel Team at

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Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package

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Experience the best Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package from TreeMonks. This wellness tour ideally includes the best scopes for traditional Kerala Ayurveda Experience. Rejuvenate your mind and soul with Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Healing. Repair the wear and tear in your body with Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments. Get wholesome refreshment with TreeMonks Special Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is specially designed to provide the much-needed relaxation to our guests. Each destination in this Kerala Ayurveda Tour is carefully chosen to cater to provide the best healing experience. Guests can experience both leisure and wellness together throughout TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package. Our Kerala Ayurveda Tour always focuses on providing a long-lasting refreshing and healing experience than a short wellness tour. During this Ayurveda Tour Package, guests will be staying at Top Ayurvedic healing centres with long experience in hosting Ayurveda Tour Packages in Kerala. Each Ayurvedic centre included in this Kerala Ayurveda Tour is located amidst the tranquil nature of Kerala at Panchalimedu, Chinnar, and Nattika. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package includes various Wellness and Ayurvedic treatments. All Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Treatments like Spa and Massage are done by experts. The package features top-rated Wellness Centres and Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala. Guests can also experience a fine essence of Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy in this tour. Through the dedicated wellness and healing practices and healthy diet, TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package ensures to turn you into a body vibrating with vital energy! TreeMonks feature only the authentic representatives of Traditional Kerala Ayurveda in our Kerala Ayurveda Tour. Our Wellness tour blends the advantages of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation with a healthy lifestyle. We ensure a Digital Detox atmosphere for our guests, far from the madding crowd, in the lap of mother earth. In addition to wellness tours, TreeMonks features curated experiences and short storytelling walks in each destination.  TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package is a happiness pill for your mind, body and soul.

Panchalimedu and Chinnar included in TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package boast the wilderness of Idukki. Experiencing authentic Ayurveda in the lap of majestic Western Ghats is a great experience. Guests can experience the tranquillity of nature in such places. It is a perfect hideout, far from the city hassles. It is an opportunity to look into yourselves. The Ayurvedic Centre in Nattika Beach is perfect for a deep yoga meditation or sun gazing. In addition to the physical and spiritual healing, TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package offers a few additional experiential elements. Special storytelling experiences and nature walks add to the flavour of the wellness tour. Guests can also pick special yogic diets, spiritual meditation, special guided-yoga sessions, etc. with prior request. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is best suited for tourists looking for Wellness Tours, Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Tours, Digital Detox Experience, etc. It is also an ideal choice for Spiritual Tourism, Yoga and Meditation Experiences. Book this tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. However, Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is best during the Kerala Monsoon Season as well. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Solo Female Tour - Women Tour in Kerala

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Discover the treasures of Kerala with Women Tour in Kerala - a specially designed Kerala Tour Package for Solo Female Travellers. Take this experiential journey to the mesmerizing land of Kerala. Enthusiastic Women Travellers get to travel through the most exciting destinations of Kerala. Become part of the best Woman only Tour in Kerala.

Women Tour in Kerala is focused to provide an exciting experience of Kerala Tourism for female travellers. TreeMonks has special amenities and facilities to make this Female Tour comfortable for our guests. This customizable Women Tour has a default itinerary, starting from Kochi Airport. On Arrival, head from Kochi Airport to Fort Kochi in an AC Cab arranged by TreeMonks. Discover the heritage and history of Fort Kochi with TreeMonks storytelling tour. From Fort Kochi, head to Athirappilly. Experience the Waterfall view and local activities at Athirappilly. Next stop in the Women Tour is Munnar. This Women Tour in Kerala covers the Munnar Tea Plantation, Tea Making activities, Tent Camps, etc. From Munnar, head to Thekkady and further to Kumarakom. Finally, from Kumarakom, head to Airport for departure. This Women Tour has a fine blend of adventure, local experiences, heritage stories, hands-on activities, culinary experience, etc. Visit the finest landscapes of Kerala - hill stations, backwaters, village and paddy fields, waterfalls, and heritage streets, etc.

TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala is designed specially to cater to the travel dreams of female travellers. This Women Tour is a blend of adventure, hands-on activities, and local experiences and more. Interact with local folks of the place you travel to. Explore nature at its best.  Stay at Experiential Hostels and Homestays. All the accommodation and activities included in TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala are curated by our female tour experts. We take into consideration factors like Safety, Comfort and Taste while designing this Women Tour.  TreeMonks Women Tour features a curated itinerary with exciting storytelling tours, sunrise trekking and hiking, camps and tents that are safe and clean to stay in.

Storytelling Activities with Local Experiences are the major highlight of this Women Tour. Guests can involve and engage with storytellers and local people throughout this tour. Be it at a Tea Plantation or at a traditional Culinary Experience. Tuk Tuk Tour in Fort Kochi, Jeep Safari or a Sunrise Trek in Munnar - TreeMonks storytellers will always be at your service. Interesting Stories, Personalized Service and Hands-on Experiences will make this Women Only Tour in Kerala a memorable trip. It is always interesting to learn about the lives that are far from the city life - lives of Tea Pluckers in Munnar, Farmers in Kumarakom, Rickshaw Drivers or Fishermen in Fort Kochi and more. In addition to all the touristic elements and interesting stories, there is always bustling and raw life in this Kerala Tour which is to be experienced. 

TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala is curated specially for Female Tourists. There is a personalized touch to each activity and destination. This tour is ideal for Female Travellers willing to visit and explore Kerala. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. For Enquiries, contact TreeMonks Travel Team at

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