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Nearest Beach from Bangalore - Offbeat Weekend Trip from Bangalore!

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Who doesn’t like to shed off the weariness of the hassle-filled city life? TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore takes you to the enticing Kannur Beaches - the best and nearest beach from Bangalore city! Planning your weekend trips can never be easier and rejuvenating. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore includes a fine blend of travel experiences and leisure getaways. This Weekend Tour will let you explore the best tourist places in Kannur, experience the culture and heritage of the land of Theyyam and relax at truly offbeat beach resorts.

Beach Vacations are an ideal way to enjoy your weekends. If you are searching for the nearest beach from Bangalore, then the super clean and alluring Kannur beaches should be the place you want to visit. Kannur is ideally situated at just about an hours’ flight from Bangalore. Travellers can easily fight cheap Bangalore to Kannur flights on a daily basis. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore to Kannur is specially designed to cater for your weekend vibes. TreeMonks arranges for pickup from Kannur International Airport and drives you to one of the most-sorted out, off-beat beach resorts in Kannur. Kannur Beach leisure is an experience so unmatchable - you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss them! 

Weekend Trip from Bangalore offers unique avenues for an offbeat vacation in Kannur. The calm and private Kannur beaches are ideal for a weary soul. Heal yourself with the rhythmic waves and some homely food. Malabar Cuisine is tasty and healthy - it will please both your heart and stomach. Go around for exciting storytelling tours in Kannur. Explore Theyyam dance with TreeMonks Theyyam Tour.  Kannur handloom has lots of specialities. Get to know the heritage and history of it through the Kannur textile tour. If you are willing to do some Yoga or Meditation, the secluded beach in Kannur is all yours. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore is your perfect choice for a two-in-one package of rejuvenation and leisure!

Weekend Trip from Bangalore is one top-rated experiential tours you can book for Kannur. It has a fine blend of adventure, heritage, hands-on activities and experiences. Kannur Beaches, as mentioned, is the top highlight of this tour. But, it not only covers the major tourist places in Kannur but also features amazing hands-on experiences and stories, shared by expert local storytellers. Each section of this tour is specially curated by TreeMonks travel experts and storytellers to make your weekend tour in Kannur to be an impeccable weekend experience. 

This Weekend Trip from Bangalore to North Kerala is best suited for Couples Travellers, Bachelor Trips, Solo Female Travellers, Weekend Group Outings, Millennial travellers from Bangalore, and other Short Trips to North Kerala. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit North Kerala. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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