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TreeHouse to Houseboat - Best Kerala Tour Package for Lifetime

₹ 20000
Per Person

Would you like to book an experiential tour to Kerala? If you are looking for something special, then this is the best Kerala Tour Package for you. Explore the enticing beauty of Kerala while you travel through the most sorted out tourist places in Kerala. So, what makes this the best Kerala tour package after all?

TreeHouse to Houseboat Kerala Tour by TreeMonks not only features top Kerala houseboats and Treehouses. It’s called the best Kerala tour package because this Kerala Tour features the best Kerala Tourist Places, providing options for offbeat stays in each destination. The tour begins from the Cochin International Airport or Ernakulam South Railway Station. On arrival, guests are welcomed by TreeMonks Tour Coordinator.

Travel from Kochi to Munnar in a comfortable AC Cab with special amenities and English speaking driver. TreeHouse to Houseboat - Best Kerala Tour Package for lifetime moves along Munnar – the lands of hills and dams, Thekkady – the spice casket of Kerala, Alleppey – the backwater paradise and finally concludes at Fort Cochin – the heritage heart of Cochin! First, explore the tourist places in Munnar. Then travel from Munnar to Thekkady.

TreeMonks features best Unique Stays in Kerala that not only provides a more realistic take on your trip to Kerala but also covers the natural beauty, enticing landscapes, – backwaters and everything that defines the very essence of Kerala Tourism. Anyone travelling to Kerala with a wish to explore the place should book this tour and get the amazing experience of Tents, TreeHouses and Resorts in Munnar. Munnar is known for the Tea Plantations. This tour includes TreeMonks Munnar Tea Trail with an experienced storyteller. Get to know the Tea Making process in Munnar Tea Gardens. In Thekkady, Jungle Walk and Spice plantation visit with a storyteller is yet another highlight of the tour. Thekkady is the spice garden of Kerala. Kumarakom Village Experience and Kerala Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey are trademarks of this Kerala tour. Finally, explore the heritage of Fort Kochi with TreeMonks Fort Tuk Tuk Tour with Storyteller. Guests can also walk through the heritage streets of Fort Kochi like Jew Street and Mattancherry. Fort Kochi homestay experience with delicious Kerala cuisine is another wow element of this tour. TreeHouse to Houseboat - Best Kerala Tour Package for lifetime provides quality service with AC Innova or Etios Cabs with an experienced driver and special amenities like 80% Alcohol Sanitizer, wet tissues, refreshments and packaged drinking water.

Travelling through the Western Ghats and the serene mainland with waterscapes and beaches, showcasing the iconic monuments, the enchanting destinations, the must-experience activities of Kerala Tourism, this Kerala Tour Package will provide you with a fresh and experiential tour in Kerala. Best and out-of-the-box stays are definitely one element of excitement. If you don't have much experience of camping or backpacking travel, there are lots of first time experiences that will make this Kerala trip worth a lifetime memory! Each of our accommodation - be it the TreeHouse, Kerala Houseboat or even the African safari Tent with private bathroom, will add to the alternate accommodation experience. In addition to that, the specially curated Storytelling Activities by TreeMonks is something you will definitely cherish for a long time! Hear fascinating stories and local tales about the places you visit from our local storytellers. Interact with the local people and get to know their way of life. TreeMonks believe in travelling and creating memories at each place.

TreeHouse to Houseboat - Best Kerala Tour Package for a lifetime is best suited for Couples, Backpackers and Solo Women Travellers who have a plan to visit Kerala. Make your trip to Kerala amazing with this out-of-the-box Kerala tour package by TreeMonks. TreeMonks suggest you BOOK this Kerala tour package anytime between the months of September and May - which is the ideal time to travel to Kerala and explore the enticing beauty of God's Own Country! For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Curated North Kerala Tour Package - Beach and Mountains

₹ 15000
Per Person

TreeMonks Curated North Kerala Package is your ticket to explore the untapped beauty of the god's own country. Travel to the alluring natural beauty of hill stations, beaches, and backwaters with this North Kerala Tour. North Kerala, also known as Malabar, features the Northern Coastline of Kerala, with abundant culture, heritage and traditions under its name. Without this North Kerala Tour Package, the understanding of Kerala’s story will be unfinished. To make this North Kerala Tour engaging, TreeMonks provides exciting storytelling tours and hands-on experiences all along.

TreeMonks North Kerala Tour Package is a completely customizable Kerala tour with the scope of leisure, sightseeing, cultural interactions and local experiences with the specially curated assistance of an experienced English-speaking local storyteller as well as the driver. Our North Kerala Tour Package is a blend of all the flavours connected with North Kerala - be it Culture and Heritage, Malabar Cuisine, Top Tourist Places, Off-beat Stays with Beach Resorts and Kerala Houseboats, Hill-stations and Tea Plantations, Wildlife Experiences, Village Walks, Hands-on Experience, and Interaction with Local people in this North Kerala Tour. Top Tourist Places in Kannur like Kannur Fort, Muzhappilangad, Backwaters, Calicut Beach, etc. are included in this North Kerala Tour Package. Also, Wayanad Plantation Walks, Stay in Vythiri, Edakkal Caves, Tribal Village Visit, etc. which are the trademarks of any Wayanad Tour Package.

North Kerala, on one side, features pristine beaches, plan-fringed islands and emerald green backwaters - with serene ambience. On the inner side, the Western Ghats and lush green mountains lay majestically. The valleys are top spots for abundant wildlife as well as tea, coffee and spice plantations. TreeMonks North Kerala Tour Package helps every tourist booking this tour experience this magical landscape of North Kerala. Stay at spell-binding locations featured by the exotic beach stays hill-station resorts and houseboats featured in this North Kerala Tour Package. There is always something in this North Kerala Tour for the ones planning for a quick weekend escape or long vacation. The calm beaches and alluring backwaters are less-crowded and ideal for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, far from the madding crowds! This Curated North Kerala Tour Package includes highly personalized service right from the arrival till departure. All accommodations are customized with customer requirements. We provide AC Cab with special TreeMonks amenities and refreshments, accompanied by expert English speaking drivers. All tours are coordinated by TreeMonks Storytellers.

Malabar has a rich heritage and culture under its name. Experience the elegance of Theyyam dance with the storyteller accompanied Theyyam Tour in this North Kerala Tour Package. Further, Thalassery Heritage Walking Tour, Handloom and Textile Tour, Village Walks, Wayanad Tribal Village Tour, Tribal Archery Unit and Wayanad Heritage Museum visit and Interaction with tribal communities, Calicut Heritage Walking Tour, Mahe French Cultural Interactions, Exploring Malabar Cuisine with Thalassery Food Tour, etc. are the highlights of TreeMonks North Kerala Tour Package. Further, North Kerala also features the nearest beach from Bangalore, less than one hour flying time to Kannur International Airport. Tourists arriving by road can either reach Wayanad via Mysore or arrive at Kannur via Coorg. Wayanad, one of the major hill-stations of Kerala, is just 3-hours drive from Kozhikode Airport. All the local experiences and hands-on activities are curated with expert storytellers. Our storytellers will share information and exciting stories connected with the heritage, culture, activities, destinations, and much more included in this North Kerala Tour.

TreeMonks North Kerala Tour Package ensures a wholesome experience of the flavours of North Kerala. This Curated Tour to Kerala is ideal for Couples and Family Tours. Planning to celebrate your weekends with family or friends? Have an anniversary celebration on the way? Then this Curated North Kerala Tour Package by TreeMonks is your perfect choice. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit North Kerala. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Backpacking Tour in Kerala-Yuppie Tour

₹ 4000
Per Person

Are you a Yuppie? Then, this Yuppie Tour is one among the top Backpacking Tour India. Experience one of the best Backpacking Tour in Kerala. TreeMonks Yuppie Tour is specially designed for millennial or youth, who want to explore places in Kerala. Explore both offbeat and much-celebrated tourist places in Kerala while you are backpacking in Kerala. Fort Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Varkala, Munroe Islands, Kumarakom, Kanyakumari, etc. are the major stops in Backpacking Tour India at Kerala.

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best avenue for budget travel in Kerala. Yuppies work hard to earn enough and then travel within their budgets to enjoy life!  This is the idea that TreeMonks focus on - to provide the millennial travellers with a wide variety of travel options that excite a Yuppie's heart! These trendy Backpacking Tour in Kerala focus on blending the various colours of travel together to produce an everlasting memory. While not missing out the best experience, TreeMonks Yuppie Tour with Backpacking in Kerala is also among the cheapest Kerala tour packages. Stay in best backpacking hostels in Kerala, travel in public transportation and prefer not to do unnecessary shopping - this plan gives you enough room to have a wonderful experience of backpacking in Kerala. TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India provides about two weeks backpacking in Kerala covering Munnar, Varkala, Alleppey, etc. which are a paradise for Backpackers! 

Explore the essence of Kerala with TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India. Yuppie Tour is a fine feature of adventure, local experiences and cultural interactions. Backpacking in Kerala lets you experience much exciting bus travel in Kerala, which is cheap yet engaging! Cheap travel expenses let you explore more of Kerala Tourism. Experiential Backpacking Hostels in Kerala and homestays makes you feel home during the tour. TreeMonks provide options for storyteller accompanied tours and heritage walks and hands-on experiences at each of the destinations in Backpacking Tour in Kerala. Explore avenues of Tents and Camps while backpacking Munnar. Solo Female Backpacking Travellers, Millennial Travellers and Budget Travellers have the option of getting free travel tips and advice from TreeMonks travel team. Get in touch with us for the details. 

TreeMonks Backpacking Tour India is the best form of cultural tourism. Backpackers can experience unique stories about culture, heritage, traditions and what not about the places visited, activities experienced and memories made. TreeMonks provides a wide range of curated activities and storytelling experiences like Fort Kochi Tuk Tuk Tour, Munnar Tea Plantation Experience, Tents and Camps, Sunrise Trekking and Hiking, Backwater Experiences, Village Walks, etc. 

Backpacking Tour India Packages is best suited for Millennial Travellers, Yuppie Bachelors, Yuppie Couples and Solo Female backpacking Tourists who love to travel and explore Kerala. This tour is designed completely in backpacking mode. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. For Enquiries and customization, contact TreeMonks Travel Team at

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Experiential Responsible Tourism Package in Kerala

₹ 9999
Per Person

Experiential Tourism avenues in Kerala offers the best scope for Responsible Tourism Packages. TreeMonks Kerala Responsible Tourism Packages offers an enticing collection of the best activities in Kerala and must-visit tourist places in Kerala, blended with amazing experiences. Completely curated Kerala tour package with storyteller accompanied activities and experiences in Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom and Fort Kochi.

Responsible Tourism Packages makes you look around the places you travel, in a better way. With our Responsible Tourism Packages, you will discover the soul of Kerala’s Experiential Tourism. It will be more than just visiting the tourist places in Kerala. Specially designed storyteller accompanied nature tours, eco-friendly accommodation, low carbon footprint itineraries, community interaction etc. add colour to TreeMonks Responsible Tourism Packages in Kerala. Right from the moment you drive from Kochi to Munnar, our travel coordinator ensures that you are comfortable and at the same time, adhering to the idea of Kerala’s Responsible Tourism Packages. From Munnar to Thekkady, Fort Kochi or Kumarakom - explore the nature, local lives, wilderness, spice and tea plantations and their labourers, backwaters, flora and fauna, heritage and history of each place you visit in this tour.

If you are searching for the best Kerala tour package capable of quenching your desire for Experiential Tourism, then you are at the right place! TreeMonks Kerala Responsible Tourism Package can offer a lot for enthusiastic travellers! You cannot ask more than a perfect blend of nature, culture, heritage, food and leisure in Kerala. Responsible Tourism Packages, while being responsible, also offer a lot in terms of the tourist places in Kerala, nature and heritage, and above all, tons of best activities in Kerala. Get the best service with comfortable stays, experienced storytellers, amazing tour coordinators, AC Cab with special amenities, and English speaking driver. If you are up to vacation, make sure you pack your bags for this best Kerala tour package. 

TreeMonks Responsible Tourism Packages have handpicked activities and storytelling experience - Tea Making and Tea Tasting Experiences, Munnar Tea Plantation Walks, Kumarakom Village Walk, Kumarakom Backwater Experiences, Fort Kochi Food Tour, Heritage Tuk Tuk Tour, etc.  All the activities are true definitions of Experiential Tourism, with specially curated stories shared by expert and passionate storytellers. Connect with the people you meet - explore every bit of the destination through the interactions. Some of the best activities in Munnar and Cochin are included in this tour. TreeMonks Responsible Tourism Packages aim in decreasing tourism leakage, promote sustainable tourism, and encourage homestays with quality accommodation. All our tours are “No Plastic Tours”, adhering to the eco-friendly tourism principles. 

Our Responsible Tourism Packages are ideal for Experiential Tourism Lovers. Couple travellers, Students and Group Tourists can BOOK this tour during the Kerala Tourism season from September till late April. If you are looking to explore the beauty of Kerala Monsoon - plan your trip between June and late August. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Curated Honeymoon Packages in Kerala

₹ 13000
Per Person

TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala is an ideal option for newly married couples in search for the Best Honeymoon Tour. TreeMonks Special Honeymoon Tour in Kerala takes you along the enchanting honeymoon destinations of Kerala at Athirappilly, Munnar, Thekkady and Kumarakom. Cherish the most romantic moments of your life with TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala. 

Kerala has a romantic touch by nature. The lush green mountains, misty hill station, emerald green backwaters and coconut groves, spice and tea gardens, majestic waterfalls, etc. portray the best canvas for spending beautiful moments with your loved partner. TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala have curated honeymoon trips with flavours that match the mood. The cosy accommodations, off-beat and leisurely setting, special add-ons and surprises, personalized service, storyteller accompanied experiences and activities make it the best honeymoon tour. TreeMonks Honeymoon Tour in Kerala is handled by special honeymoon tour experts. We ensure our guests with dedicated service right from the booking, till the completion of their honeymoon tour in Kerala.

TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala is specially curated by TreeMonks honeymoon package designers. We make sure that your special moments are unique. Hence, all TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala are tailormade experiences. We insist on our guests not to copy anyone else’s itinerary. Prior to booking, TreeMonks Kerala Honeymoon Tour experts will get in touch with you. Together, we will plan the Best honeymoon tour for you. Book an all-inclusive honeymoon tour in Kerala - exciting accommodations, lots of small surprises, total privacy, experienced and friendly driver, leisurely destinations, etc. make your trip wonderful! TreeMonks also takes you for a bit of adventure, thrilling moments, hands-on experience, hidden gems of Kerala Tourism, etc.

Honeymoon Packages in Kerala is indeed a perfect starter for a long-lasting relationship. TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala features a perfect blend of enchanting landscapes, beautiful hills, serene beaches, and backwaters. Couples can relax at the best romantic stays throughout the trip. Romantic candlelight dinner and little surprises, Honeymoon special cake, Flower bed, Best Romantic resorts with private pool, Best driver, Couple massage, Ayurveda massage and Spa, Houseboat cruise, Curated activities, Special Munnar and Thekkady experiences, Athirappilly waterfall view accommodation, etc. are some of the highlights of TreeMonks Honeymoon Packages in Kerala. 

This tour is best suited for Honeymoon Couples, Wedding Anniversary Trips and Couple Travellers. This TreeMonks Tour Package is one of the celebrated Honeymoon packages in Kerala. The ease of access from other major Indian cities to Kerala makes this honeymoon tour package favourite among honeymoon couples. It is best to BOOK this tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. However, Monsoon Tourism in Kerala goes well with Honeymoon Trips. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Best South Indian Curated Tour

₹ 20000
Per Person

Make your South Indian Tour memorable. Travel with TreeMonks Best South Indian Tour. Experience the heritage and culture of South India in this Curated Tour. Discover the stories of love for history and heritage in Mahabalipuram, Chidambaram, Trichy and Fort Kochi, experience the magical temple towns in Madurai, Fall in love with the off-beat beauty of Pondicherry. In Munnar, Thekkady and Kumarakom, connect back with nature. 

Experience the mixture of various flavours of South India in TreeMonks Best South Indian Tour - get a fine blend of Kerala Tours, Tamilnadu Tours and Karnataka Tours all in this South Indian Tour. From Chennai to Fort Kochi, TreeMonks Best South Indian Tour engages you with exciting stories, tourist attractions, personalized service, and more. In this, two weeks long curated tour, one can easily connect with the essence of South India. Storyteller accompanied experiences provide a personal touch to each of the items included in the itinerary. TreeMonks crafts each tour after consultation with the guest, to match your interests and expectations, to make this your best South Indian Tour. 

TreeMonks have specially added curated tour avenues for our best South Indian Tour. It provides an exciting experience of South Indian Culture, Tradition and Heritage in a single trip. Most of the destinations included in this South India Tour are rich with stories. Guests can experience the best presentation of South Indian Heritage and History through special stories told by our English speaking native storytellers. Learn about the stories of temples, traditions, ancient festivals, local food, etc. Visit off-beat locations and unexplored tourist gems of South India. Beach, Hill stations, Backwaters, Heritage Streets. Experiential Stays, Houseboats, Storytelling Experiences, Curated Tours. This Best South Indian Tour has a lot to offer for enthusiastic travellers. If you are booking this tour, you have the added advantage of experiencing the major elements of Kerala Tours, Karnataka Tours and Tamilnadu Tours in a whole. 

South India is the cradle of Dravidian Culture. This South Indian Tour beautifully unravels the rich heritage and culture of this South Indian History. Food, Culture and Cultural Interactions, Stories, Festivals, Leisure, etc. are only a few words to tag the elements of this South Indian Tour. French Heritage of Pondicherry, Dutch Heritage of Fort Kochi and Traditional South Indian Heritage in Mahabalipuram or Chidambaram are true contrasts of blended South Indian Heritage. TreeMonks provides this Curated Tour by default with destinations including Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Chidambaram, Madurai, Trichy, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom and Fort Kochi. This South Indian Tour includes attractions of heritage temples, beaches, backwaters, hill station, tea plantations, wildlife, houseboat, etc. Guests can speak to us and request for customization in the itinerary as per the choice of destinations, activities and accommodation.

TreeMonks Best South Indian Tour is ideal for Honeymoon Couples, Couple Travellers, Heritage Lovers and Family Vacations. It is best to BOOK this South Indian tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit South India. For Enquiries, contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package

₹ 44999
Per Person

Experience the best Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package from TreeMonks. This wellness tour ideally includes the best scopes for traditional Kerala Ayurveda Experience. Rejuvenate your mind and soul with Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Healing. Repair the wear and tear in your body with Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments. Get wholesome refreshment with TreeMonks Special Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is specially designed to provide the much-needed relaxation to our guests. Each destination in this Kerala Ayurveda Tour is carefully chosen to cater to provide the best healing experience. Guests can experience both leisure and wellness together throughout TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package. Our Kerala Ayurveda Tour always focuses on providing a long-lasting refreshing and healing experience than a short wellness tour. During this Ayurveda Tour Package, guests will be staying at Top Ayurvedic healing centres with long experience in hosting Ayurveda Tour Packages in Kerala. Each Ayurvedic centre included in this Kerala Ayurveda Tour is located amidst the tranquil nature of Kerala at Panchalimedu, Chinnar, and Nattika. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package includes various Wellness and Ayurvedic treatments. All Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Treatments like Spa and Massage are done by experts. The package features top-rated Wellness Centres and Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala. Guests can also experience a fine essence of Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy in this tour. Through the dedicated wellness and healing practices and healthy diet, TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package ensures to turn you into a body vibrating with vital energy! TreeMonks feature only the authentic representatives of Traditional Kerala Ayurveda in our Kerala Ayurveda Tour. Our Wellness tour blends the advantages of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga and Meditation with a healthy lifestyle. We ensure a Digital Detox atmosphere for our guests, far from the madding crowd, in the lap of mother earth. In addition to wellness tours, TreeMonks features curated experiences and short storytelling walks in each destination.  TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package is a happiness pill for your mind, body and soul.

Panchalimedu and Chinnar included in TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package boast the wilderness of Idukki. Experiencing authentic Ayurveda in the lap of majestic Western Ghats is a great experience. Guests can experience the tranquillity of nature in such places. It is a perfect hideout, far from the city hassles. It is an opportunity to look into yourselves. The Ayurvedic Centre in Nattika Beach is perfect for a deep yoga meditation or sun gazing. In addition to the physical and spiritual healing, TreeMonks Ayurveda Tour Package offers a few additional experiential elements. Special storytelling experiences and nature walks add to the flavour of the wellness tour. Guests can also pick special yogic diets, spiritual meditation, special guided-yoga sessions, etc. with prior request. 

TreeMonks Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is best suited for tourists looking for Wellness Tours, Traditional Kerala Ayurveda Tours, Digital Detox Experience, etc. It is also an ideal choice for Spiritual Tourism, Yoga and Meditation Experiences. Book this tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. However, Kerala Ayurveda Tour Package is best during the Kerala Monsoon Season as well. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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Solo Female Tour - Women Tour in Kerala

₹ 19999
Per Person

Discover the treasures of Kerala with Women Tour in Kerala - a specially designed Kerala Tour Package for Solo Female Travellers. Take this experiential journey to the mesmerizing land of Kerala. Enthusiastic Women Travellers get to travel through the most exciting destinations of Kerala. Become part of the best Woman only Tour in Kerala.

Women Tour in Kerala is focused to provide an exciting experience of Kerala Tourism for female travellers. TreeMonks has special amenities and facilities to make this Female Tour comfortable for our guests. This customizable Women Tour has a default itinerary, starting from Kochi Airport. On Arrival, head from Kochi Airport to Fort Kochi in an AC Cab arranged by TreeMonks. Discover the heritage and history of Fort Kochi with TreeMonks storytelling tour. From Fort Kochi, head to Athirappilly. Experience the Waterfall view and local activities at Athirappilly. Next stop in the Women Tour is Munnar. This Women Tour in Kerala covers the Munnar Tea Plantation, Tea Making activities, Tent Camps, etc. From Munnar, head to Thekkady and further to Kumarakom. Finally, from Kumarakom, head to Airport for departure. This Women Tour has a fine blend of adventure, local experiences, heritage stories, hands-on activities, culinary experience, etc. Visit the finest landscapes of Kerala - hill stations, backwaters, village and paddy fields, waterfalls, and heritage streets, etc.

TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala is designed specially to cater to the travel dreams of female travellers. This Women Tour is a blend of adventure, hands-on activities, and local experiences and more. Interact with local folks of the place you travel to. Explore nature at its best.  Stay at Experiential Hostels and Homestays. All the accommodation and activities included in TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala are curated by our female tour experts. We take into consideration factors like Safety, Comfort and Taste while designing this Women Tour.  TreeMonks Women Tour features a curated itinerary with exciting storytelling tours, sunrise trekking and hiking, camps and tents that are safe and clean to stay in.

Storytelling Activities with Local Experiences are the major highlight of this Women Tour. Guests can involve and engage with storytellers and local people throughout this tour. Be it at a Tea Plantation or at a traditional Culinary Experience. Tuk Tuk Tour in Fort Kochi, Jeep Safari or a Sunrise Trek in Munnar - TreeMonks storytellers will always be at your service. Interesting Stories, Personalized Service and Hands-on Experiences will make this Women Only Tour in Kerala a memorable trip. It is always interesting to learn about the lives that are far from the city life - lives of Tea Pluckers in Munnar, Farmers in Kumarakom, Rickshaw Drivers or Fishermen in Fort Kochi and more. In addition to all the touristic elements and interesting stories, there is always bustling and raw life in this Kerala Tour which is to be experienced. 

TreeMonks Women Tour in Kerala is curated specially for Female Tourists. There is a personalized touch to each activity and destination. This tour is ideal for Female Travellers willing to visit and explore Kerala. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit Kerala. For Enquiries, contact TreeMonks Travel Team at

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Nearest Beach from Bangalore - Offbeat Weekend Trip from Bangalore!

₹ 2000
Per Person

Who doesn’t like to shed off the weariness of the hassle-filled city life? TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore takes you to the enticing Kannur Beaches - the best and nearest beach from Bangalore city! Planning your weekend trips can never be easier and rejuvenating. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore includes a fine blend of travel experiences and leisure getaways. This Weekend Tour will let you explore the best tourist places in Kannur, experience the culture and heritage of the land of Theyyam and relax at truly offbeat beach resorts.

Beach Vacations are an ideal way to enjoy your weekends. If you are searching for the nearest beach from Bangalore, then the super clean and alluring Kannur beaches should be the place you want to visit. Kannur is ideally situated at just about an hours’ flight from Bangalore. Travellers can easily fight cheap Bangalore to Kannur flights on a daily basis. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore to Kannur is specially designed to cater for your weekend vibes. TreeMonks arranges for pickup from Kannur International Airport and drives you to one of the most-sorted out, off-beat beach resorts in Kannur. Kannur Beach leisure is an experience so unmatchable - you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss them! 

Weekend Trip from Bangalore offers unique avenues for an offbeat vacation in Kannur. The calm and private Kannur beaches are ideal for a weary soul. Heal yourself with the rhythmic waves and some homely food. Malabar Cuisine is tasty and healthy - it will please both your heart and stomach. Go around for exciting storytelling tours in Kannur. Explore Theyyam dance with TreeMonks Theyyam Tour.  Kannur handloom has lots of specialities. Get to know the heritage and history of it through the Kannur textile tour. If you are willing to do some Yoga or Meditation, the secluded beach in Kannur is all yours. TreeMonks Weekend Trip from Bangalore is your perfect choice for a two-in-one package of rejuvenation and leisure!

Weekend Trip from Bangalore is one top-rated experiential tours you can book for Kannur. It has a fine blend of adventure, heritage, hands-on activities and experiences. Kannur Beaches, as mentioned, is the top highlight of this tour. But, it not only covers the major tourist places in Kannur but also features amazing hands-on experiences and stories, shared by expert local storytellers. Each section of this tour is specially curated by TreeMonks travel experts and storytellers to make your weekend tour in Kannur to be an impeccable weekend experience. 

This Weekend Trip from Bangalore to North Kerala is best suited for Couples Travellers, Bachelor Trips, Solo Female Travellers, Weekend Group Outings, Millennial travellers from Bangalore, and other Short Trips to North Kerala. It is best to BOOK your tour between late September and early May, which is the ideal time to visit North Kerala. For Enquiries, Contact TreeMonks Travel Coordinators at

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